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Business owners ready to take the next big leap in their business… but don’t know how. Want to scale your business? Want to find more clients and build a team without working 8 days a week? Let’s discover what’s stopping you…

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Putting out fires but staying stuck means there’s a bigger problem to solve.

This business triage was rigorously researched and tested to find the REAL problem area that’s blocking your progress. (It’s often something you didn’t expect…)

Proud to be inspiring business minds.

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What is CEO Entrepreneur?

CEO Entrepreneur offers an inspired blend of coaching, consulting, and eLearning to help entrepreneurs scale without losing their sanity! (Because many do…)

Entrepreneurs want freedom, finances and time but end up exhausted, broke and stuck! We use proven CEO frameworks and shape them to fit you so that you can avoid the pitfalls and scale up to enjoy the business and lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Proud to be inspiring business minds.

Here’s what some of them say:
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Founder & CEO
CEO Entrepreneur

Meet the CEO...

Nice to meet you, I’m Dr Tamer Shahin. I built my way up to grow multi-seven figure businesses and went ALL the way back down (…and then up again). I’ve lived a true “from rags to riches” story.

I’m now enjoying life as a serial entrepreneur, investor, business coach and mentor. I help transform entrepreneurs into the CEO of their business, and small businesses into global companies.

Key achievements:

Discover the #1 Problem Behind Your Current Challenges

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This business triage is the result of hours of research, testing and EVERYTHING we’ve learned through scaling (and failing…) multiple 7-figure businesses. I’m confident it’ll reveal what’s causing your current challenges and what actions you can take to fix them.

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