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Dr. Tamer Shahin,
CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Mentor

Nice to meet you, I'm Dr Tamer Shahin. I built my way up to grow multi-seven figure businesses and went ALL the way back down (...and then up again). I've lived several "rags to riches" stories!

I believe learning from our failures is much more valuable than pretending they never happened. 

At CEO Entrepreneur, we understand what it takes to succeed, but more importantly we've learnt the hard way what not to do. We help you grow your business faster, without the expensive mistakes or burnout.

Key Achievements

  • Grew and ran a company valued at $100 million
  • Grew multiple 7-figure business (and failed a couple!)
  • Lost everything > Millions in personal debt > Rebuilt.
  • Spoke at TEDx, published in Forbes as a thought leader

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This business triage is the result of hours of research, testing and EVERYTHING we’ve learned through scaling (and failing…) multiple 7-figure businesses. I’m confident it’ll reveal what’s causing your current challenges and what actions you can take to fix them.

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