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A Personalised Programme To Help You Take Control Of Your Business And Make The Next Big Leap

It’s Time To Become The Leader Your Business Needs And
Reignite Its Passion, Purpose And Growth

Structure To Sanity  – Become A Confident, Strategic And Purposeful CEO Within Your Business In Just 90 Days

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Dr Tamer Shahin, CEO, Serial Entrepreneur & Business Mentor

You’ve built a business that makes good money, but let’s be honest – most of the time, you feel like you’re “winging it”...

And you know you’re never going to scale it to its true potential
(or have the wealth and freedom you’re craving) unless you become an effective ‘CEO’

The truth is …

Here’s the thing:

No matter how good your business idea is, if you don’t know how to make strategic decisions and take effective action – things will fall apart.

Trust me, I have personal experience of it all coming crashing down… 

Hi, I’m Tamer Shahin

I’m a serial entrepreneur, investor, business coach and mentor, but most of all, a serious coffee drinker (none of that fake, instant stuff; that’s not coffee – that’s just sad).

I help transform 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs into the true CEO of their business so they can scale and grow.

I’ve experienced the highest highs and lowest lows the business world has to offer:

Now, I’m using everything I’ve learnt to advise, guide and inspire business minds like you to grow beyond 6 figures – and into the business of your dreams.

How do I know how to do this? Because I’ve done it many times.

And even when I failed catastrophically, it didn’t break me (although it almost did…) In fact, I came back stronger and wiser than ever.

If you’re reading this – it’s time for you to let go of your fear of failure and learn to truly STEP UP as the leader your business needs.

Reclaim Your Time, Develop A Crystal-Clear Strategy, And Install The Essential Systems And Processes Needed To Put Your Business On Autopilot

Being a CEO isn’t just for high-level corporates.
In fact, you don’t even have to call yourself a ‘CEO’.

But you do need to be able to run your business effectively, with a clear, strategic and passionate plan that helps you achieve the lifestyle and vision you’ve been dreaming of. That looks like:

Having the wealth and freedom you created your business for in the first place so you can do the things you want – whenever you want (instead of feeling like the business ‘owns’ all your time and resources).

Having an incredible team and systems so you can take a break (planned or unplanned) and know that the ship will keep running without you.

Feeling amazing about the impact and success you’ve created in your business (rather than continually ‘chasing a ghost’ with no clear growth structure or metrics to keep you on track).

What the other Firestarters had to say...

Firestarter is designed to equip you with the right frameworks and ecosystem necessary for substantial growth, while empowering you to make the impact you've always envisioned.

Designed to guide you towards laying down the solid foundations needed to unlocking the financial and time freedom that you and your family deserve.

Firestarter Isn’t Like Any Other Business Programme On The Market

This isn’t a ‘quick and dirty’ business course or a one-size-fits-all tactics Programme.

Many business owners are drawn to tactical solutions because they promise quick wins: a new social media hack, a fancy marketing funnel, a sales script… you get the picture. 

But what business owners don’t realise is that these solutions often fall short because they are implemented in isolation, without considering the company’s overall strategy, culture, or operational capabilities. 

In the Firestarter Programme, we do things a little differently to other coaching companies. 

Firestarter is a Programme designed for business owners, by business owners. 

A Programme that supports you in laying the foundations needed to efficiently scale your business to multiple seven figures and beyond, without losing your sanity…

… And have more money and time freedom that will allow you to live the lifestyle you truly want.

We looked at how we could give the maximum support to people so they would have absolutely EVERYTHING they needed to create their version of epic results.

The Firestarter Programme is built on the understanding that sustainable growth and scalability come from a strategic foundation. 

By starting with a complete CEO mindset shift and strategic clarity, you ensure that every system, process, and tactic is aligned with your vision, enabling you to navigate the complexities of scaling with confidence. 

This holistic approach ensures that when you do focus on building systems, hiring, or any other aspect of your business, it’s done in a way that’s coherent, strategic, and ultimately more effective, setting you apart and positioning you for long-term success.

By developing this strategic foundation, you’ll not only direct your efforts more efficiently but also make decisions with confidence, knowing they’re aligned with your business goals.

This means less time wasted on low-impact tasks and more focus on what truly drives growth.

Stop wasting your time on low-impact tasks and focus on what truly drives growth. Book your strategy call today and let’s work together on making you a strategic and confident CEO.

What the other Firestarters had to say...

Why should you
book a call with us today?

We’ve found a unique way of combining all the best tools including online course work, consulting advice, coaching, progress tracking and accountability into one place so you have EXACTLY what you need for your business success. ​

In our free strategy call, we take the time to listen and understand your challenges, your aims and ambitions and work with you to set a clear plan of action, so you can expand into the business growth you’ve been dreaming about.

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“I already had a pretty successful business, but the issue really was that I was growing too fast. It was actually growing over my head. After 3 years, I was wearing too many hats with all the different things I did. I met Tamer and I really connected with his story and experience and I thought, ‘this guy will be the one who gets me to the next level’. And it’s true, I’ve signed up for many things but nothing has been as powerful as the direct support Tamer and his team provided. Within 3 months I was able to build up my team,  get my vision and my branding straight, get behind my goals, and set budgets in place. It just completely changed the whole business. It was an amazing experience.”

Tom Solid
Founder of The Paperless Movement

Your business cannot realise its full potential if you’re in the thick of it 24/7

That’s Why The Firestarter Programme Is Your Ecosystem Of Support, Guidance And Consultation

With our unique approach, this programme is personalised to address the foundational challenges you face as an entrepreneur.

We’ll push, motivate and inspire you to take the business you love to the next level.


How Firestarter supports you:

Focused Direction and Prioritisation

Working with our expert coaches, you get a clear roadmap and set priorities that help you direct resources and efforts where they are most needed. This increases efficiency and effectiveness, reduces waste and enhances productivity, leading to cost savings and higher profitability within your business.

Improved Decision-Making

With a clear strategy, you can make decisions with a better understanding of their potential impact on the business. This makes you more confident and faster in decision-making, reducing hesitation and missed opportunities, and aligning all actions with business goals.

Better Team Alignment and Morale

Everyone wants to build a team, but how do you ensure they’re the ‘A Players’? Working with Firestarter we support you in clarifying roles, expectations, and objectives for everyone in your business, improving team cohesion, motivation, and job satisfaction, leading to lower turnover rates and higher employee engagement.

Facilitate Measurable Goals and Benchmarks

How do you know if your business is a success? Our team works with you to set specific, measurable objectives that serve as benchmarks for your success. This allows for regular performance reviews and course corrections, ensuring your business stays on track to achieve its ambitious goals.

Long-Term Vision and Sustainability

Working with our coaches, we establish your long-term vision for the future of your business, guiding you in your growth and development efforts. Business isn’t just a short-term project; by doing this we ensure that you build a business towards lasting success, create a legacy and a stable future for all stakeholders.

Our aim is to teach you (in a very practical and easy-to-implement way) about managing and leveraging growth, AND a whole lot more you probably haven’t even considered when it comes to your business.

Lucky for you, we’ve spent the time and energy thinking of it all so you don’t have to…

– even if you already have an MBA, like one of our clients, Billy:

“I’ve done an MBA, read 100s of books on strategy and business and I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s goes very deep yet it’s so practical and easy to go through. It’s incredible. I’m serious. 

I was looking for a programme to help me grow my business – looking for ‘silver bullets’ if you will – when I found this programme, I thought ‘yes… I found it’. But even my highest expectations didn’t come close to what was actually in this. It’s just amazing. I can see how much effort and work has gone into developing it.”

Billy Wang​
CEO, Dr. Adams Laboratory

Our approach


Our focus is you. We work with you to elevate you into a confident, strategic CEO, able to manage your business like those at the helm of 7 and 8-figure companies.

With essential frameworks to redefine your role, optimise your schedule, and structure your business for scalability, we ensure that you are no longer the bottleneck, transforming you from stressed out and overwhelmed, getting lost in the day-to-day, constant emergencies, and indecision business owner to a purposeful, strategic and decisive CEO, allowing you to focus and implement strategies and systems that secure long-term financial and time freedom for you and your loved ones, all while maintaining your sanity.

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Develop your business strategy using our unique framework to transform how you operate, moving you from reactive tactics to a proactive, comprehensive strategy.

We offer you a clear roadmap and ensure all decisions align with your vision, preventing the chaos of ad-hoc decisions and disjointed efforts. This is not mere goal-setting, we work with you to ensure that strategy becomes the backbone of your business—the ‘Business DNA’ that distinguishes you from the crowd. Using our unique approach, set your business on a path to sustainable growth, potentially reaching and exceeding eight figures.


Enhance your business by automating and streamlining operations, saving time, and cutting costs, while boosting productivity and revenue.

Integrate your systems into a cohesive framework (a ‘Systems for your Systems)’, allowing for tailored adjustments as your business grows. Identify and implement essential systems to quickly reduce bottlenecks, standardise processes, ensure effective and efficient delegation as well as reduce risks, setting your business up for significant scaling and increased profitability.

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Clients are the lifeblood of our business. We work with you to significantly increase your revenue by systemising and enhancing the client experience.

Our system intentionally designs this experience to encourage repeat business and loyalty. By improving the consistency and quality of client interactions, you’ll foster trust and satisfaction, turning happy clients into brand advocates. This elevates your brand’s value and drives referrals and repeat business, leading to substantial revenue growth. Implementing this system promptly ensures you are not leaving money on the table.

“The Firestarter Programme will fire up your business to the next level. It is not just about making minor adjustments; The Firestarter Team provided me with a clear roadmap that brings focus, clarity and sets the company on a blue ocean path. Their insights and experience are very valuable.”

Deepa Natarajan
Meet My Potential

Who the Firestarter Programme is for:

This is for you if you’re making more than $100K/year in revenue and you’re ready to STOP feeling chaotic and overwhelmed and START feeling in control of your business again.

Importantly, you don’t need to DO anything else before you apply.

You don’t need to develop your product, hire another person, or sort out your schedule to free up some time – this is what the Programme is designed to help you with.

However, this programme is NOT for you if you’re hoping that joining will magically do all the hard work for you. You need to be 100% committed to showing up and giving the programme your time, work and attention.

We use proven CEO frameworks and shape them to fit you so you can avoid the pitfalls and scale up to enjoy the business and lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

What the other Firestarters had to say...

If you’re wondering whether Firestarter will work for software businesses, graphic designers, nail salons, property developers, or [insert your niche here], the answer is:

This programme gives you a tailored and staged method to scale ANY business beyond the 6-figure mark.

We’ve worked with many types of businesses and the fact is – no matter what business you’re in or where you are in the world, most businesses at your stage have the exact same challenges.

We’re not going to guide you on how to be an expert in your niche (you ALREADY know this and that’s what got you to this point).

We guide you on how to run and scale a business that builds your wealth and time freedom… And that’s something you never get taught in school.

More Firestarter Success Stories:

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Have questions?

This programme gives you a tailored and staged method to scale ANY business beyond the 6-figure mark.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Business?

It’s time to become the LEADER
your business needs

Tamer Shahin

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