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Thank You For Placing Your Trust in Us, We Do Not Take That Lightly. We’re Excited To Work With You In 2024… Here are a couple of things so you know what’s happening​

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This is the email you’ll get to see quite a bit! Our team will reach out to you using this email and this is the email you can use to ask for support. 

Once you get access to our platform in January (see step 3) you’ll be able to message us directly in there.

Bonus 1. Live Workshop...

You’ll Receive details of this exclusive Live (online) Workshop with Tamer that will happen in December.  You’ll be able ask him questions there so get your thinking cap on for what questions you’d like to ask him.  Then keep your eyes peeled in your inbox as we will send you details of day, time, and access details over the next week.

We Start January 1st, 2024

That’s when you’ll get login details to access our community platform which also houses the Groundbreaker Course and tons of resources.  We’ll reach out to you on the 1st of January for more Details 

Get Some Rest Because 2024 is THE Year for you to GROW Your Business!

Get excited… (we are!) But also do make sure you take some time off towards the end of December to recharge your batteries because if you want to really scale your business next year (we assume you do!) then we want you to be at your sharpest. That means rested, recharged, and ready for action!

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