Meet Dr. Tamer Shahin

Founder and CEO

“I created CEO Entrepreneur to help you get control of your business and build the future you truly want”

Are you ready for the future of your business?

Being ready means facing it.

Let’s face it. Our education system is broken. Designed back in the industrial revolution to dish out factory workers. Endless exams and relentless warnings for us not to fail, condition us to fear the very thing.  

The outcome? Lack of clarity for our future. Fear of taking risks. Lack of practical know how to go it on our own. Imposter syndrome. Perfectionism. Stress. Overwhelm. Burnout. Failure.

We may have been educated to be great at what we do, but too many businesses fail because we haven’t learned to lead or ironically, let go of our fear of failure. So how can you go from employee in your own business—with you as the crazy boss!—to an inspired leader?

I’ve learnt some big lessons—about business, and about new ways to learn it. Less classroom, more context. Less impulse, more integrity. Less revision, more reflection. Less fear, more foresight.

I created CEO Entrepreneur because I don’t want to see you struggle, stress, or get stuck many times over… like I did. I created CEO Entrepreneur to help you get control of your business and build the future your really want.

Founder and CEO

About Tamer

I’ve gone from growing multi-seven figure businesses, taking a global health start up stratospheric and living large, to not so large.
From rags to riches and (seriously) back again.
From running my company valued at $100million to being $2.5million personally in debt and bailing my business partner out of prison (all in the space of 30 days!).

I’ve advised country ministers on national policy and multi-billion-dollar productivity programs. I’ve advised corporate titans, authored several textbooks, taught at and advised universities around the world, spoken at TEDx, and published in Forbes as a digital health thought leader.

I’ve designed learning at every level — and learned the hard way that capacity often starts with belief, and that success often starts with failure.

I now enjoy being a serial entrepreneur, investor, business coach and mentor. As founder and CEO at CEO Entrepreneur, I help transform entrepreneurs into CEO’s and small businesses into global companies; without stress or overwhelm.

If you would like to become the CEO of your business, please take the clarity checkup quiz first. If you qualify, you will be contacted to schedule a strategy call with me.

Hello, Tamer here, the founder of CEO Entrepreneur. I transform people into leader, entrepreneurs into CEO’s, and small-scale businesses into global companies. I have built businesses from the ground up, advised governments and organisations such as Jaguar, Rolls Royce and British Aerospace, authored several books and taught at universities around the world.

After becoming one of the youngest people to attend University College London, I gained my PhD at just 24 and was accepted onto the UCLeaders programme, where I first began to explore my intuitive leadership skills and understand how to improve productivity and performance in business. I went on to apply my research to global companies such as Ford, cutting down the design time of a particular engine from six months to just three days and bringing significant time and financial gains to the business.

Over the years, I have been at the helm of and invested in a number of successful businesses across a breadth of different industries. I grew a property business from nothing to a multi-million pound portfolio, before going on to run several other profitable businesses including a global digital health company that went stratospheric. Having established a network of talent around the world through each venture, I have also been published in Forbes and, more recently, given a TEDx talk on my previous company focussed on using artificial intelligence to diagnose and predict mental health mood disorders.

My education and experiences have exposed me to both successes and ridiculously catastrophic failures (see my timeline on the homepage!). I have dared to do things and fallen as a result, but without those stumbles, I wouldn’t have utter clarity about what it takes to thrive in business and in life. I truly believe that the lessons we learn from failure are the most valuable mechanisms for professional and personal growth. I now want to share the wisdom I have gained with other entrepreneurs who aspire for more, enabling them as leaders and saving them valuable time in the process.

I know exactly what it takes to not just become a CEO of your business, but flourish as a leader in today’s world. Imparting knowledge gained from decades of experience, I can be your success mentor, business consultant and coach, all merged into one.

I truly believe every entrepreneur is capable of scaling their business, taking control of their future and building a global empire that fulfils and delights everyone involved. It just takes courage and guidance from a trusted mentor.

If you would like to become the CEO of your business, please take the clarity checkup quiz first.  If you qualify, you will be contacted to schedule a strategy call with me.

In business, we need new ways to learn together.

We need inspiring business minds.

CEO Entrepreneur offers a unique blend of coaching, mentoring, and consulting that gathers the best and brightest in future-facing entrepreneurship and business. With our coaching you focus. With our learning you understand. With our consulting you execute.

Our “Why”

WHY – at CEO Entrepreneur, it’s where we begin. Why does one business owner thrive, where most just fail or barely survive?

We’ve seen business boom or bust from every angle and we know what it takes to succeed. As business owners, we stumble or fall because we’ve been taught to follow, not to lead.  Formal education today remains modelled back from the industrial revolution, designed to churn out factory workers. It’s too slow, too scared – and too far from our business lives.

Our why stems from the belief that, through personalised learning and experiential mentoring, we can inspire and guide today’s business minds to lead and realise a better tomorrow.

Our Strategy

Experience and Expertise –  We impart experience and know-how, not untested theories, or unfounded trends. We pass on best practices from our stratospheric successes. We pass on lessons learned from our catastrophic failures. And we pass on everything else worth knowing as CEO of your own business in between. We triumph when you realise serenity and impact. We prevail when you achieve autonomy and wealth.

Embrace Failure – We believe our current education systems condition us to fear failure. We believe that embracing and learning from failure is crucial for professional and personal growth.  As entrepreneurs, we succeed by risking failure and being resilient enough to try again when things go wrong. We help entrepreneurs rewrite and integrate perceived failures into realised wisdom, growth, and success.

Blended Approach – Whilst we have proven systems and processes for growth and success, every entrepreneur is different. We know that growing from entrepreneur to CEO of your business means understanding how to:
  • develop and execute a vision and strategy
  • build and lead a team effectively
  • communicate persuasively, both internally and externally
  • build, execute, and optimise measurable systems
  • attract, make, save, and spend money
  • take timely and measured risks and opportunities
  • be resilient and ride inevitable storms
  • embrace and learn from failure
  • stand out and thrive in business
We transfer our knowledge and experience through a unique and personalised blend of coaching, learning, mentoring, and consulting. With our coaching, you focus. With our learning, you advance. With our mentoring, you understand. And with our consulting, you execute.

Our Vision

It’s time for an inspired vision – At CEO Entrepreneur, we transform people into leaders, entrepreneurs into CEOs, and small businesses into global companies. We do this by inspiring change to the status quo.

We’re inspiring creativity—because it turns our roadblocks into runways. We’re inspiring knowledge—because it turns our fears into freedoms. We’re inspiring experience—because it turns our burnout into backbone. And we’re inspiring insight— because it turns our stress into success.

We work to bring you success, we publish to bring you advantage, and we curate to bring you community.

We’re CEO Entrepreneur.

We’re Inspiring Business Minds

Here's how we see the world​

It inspires our work every day


Everything about CEO Entrepreneur is driven by integrity. It’s a compass for deciding where to put our energy and effort.

Purpose Matters


Honesty and transparency start with ourselves — and being truthful as we develop helps us all live worthwhile business lives.

The truth is liberating


Following our passion and dreams lights us up, and in turn tends to help us light up the world. Success grows from passion — we should care for it.

Inspiration makes a difference


Exceptional quality is hard to pin down, but absolutely crucial to strive for and indeed accomplish. Our capacity for great work is a precious resource.

Quality is paramount


Taking pleasure in our work is not only a great motivator, it’s completely contagious. Inspiration often starts with hard work, but should end in enjoyment.

Fun is not a four-letter word!

"Work smart, play hard, connect with integrity and purpose, always be learning, and always be loving life"

Do You Want To Scale Your Business without stress or overwhelm?