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We usually start businesses to gain PURPOSE and FREEDOM.

Sadly most of us accomplish neither.

Here’s why…


Time poor. Cash poor. 

We end up as miserable employees working in our own company.

Are you a lone wolf that never rests?

Stress. Overwhelm.
Hello Burnout…
Goodbye Business

Going solo has its limits.

Staying small by hiding in your comfort zone?

Imposter syndrome for your imposter syndrome? Has your perfectionism perfected your fear of failure yet?

Fear and Doubt is not a plan.

Have an empty toolkit that fixes nothing?

No clarity. No strategy. No processes. No systems. No consistency. No results.

Hope and luck is not a strategy


By becoming the CEO of your business, you can learn to scale effectively without stress or overwhelm.

Get help to get ahead of the pack

Learn to let go to take back control. Success is a team sport – you’ve just found your team.

Give rise to the leader in you

Get confident to tackle the big work

Step out of your comfort zone, out of your subject expertise – into a new mindset of growth, knowledge, and daily freedom.

Stepping up means stepping out

Get systems for the future of your business

Make processes and productivity your best friend. Make technology your secret weapon, and make the most of every opportunity

The right systems are crucial.

You took your business this far...

Take it further

An inspired approach to business transformation.

Learn more about how CEO Entrepreneur is helping businesses design and prepare for their future.

Hi! I'm Dr. Tamer Shahin

I’ve learnt from extraordinary success and catastrophic adversity! But all the different perspectives you’ll read below have made me who I am today and this has given me insights very few have… and its humbling. I founded CEO Entrepreneur to share that learning with you.

Success came early and strong.
From an early PhD, to writing engineering textbooks. From living large in Dubai and advising ministers on billion-pound portfolios, to founding multi seven figure companies, taking a global health startup stratospheric, and publishing in Forbes as a digital health thought leader.
But there was a hitch. A huge one.
I flew too high without the right supports and checks. I left my business vulnerable to the whims of a powerful autocratic client. So when they failed to honour a successful multi-million pound contract, I found myself selling everything I owned, remortgaging my childhood home, and personally borrowing £2 Million to free my business partner from foreign debtors' jail.
I rebuilt success—with new insights.
The resilience that made me strong never left. I picked up my original engineering and design skilIs, and came back from beyond the brink by founding an artificial intelligence and augmented reality training company. I also co-founded Mimitec, and developed an AI tool (MiMi) for mental health diagnosis, which has won a UK national innovation award, funding, partnership with UK's National health service, and me giving a TEDx talk.
Now I want to help you.
I've always been an educator. It's been a wild ride in business—and while the lessons are precious, my real passion is helping business owners and entrepreneurs learn those precious lessons without suffering the worst circumstances. That's why I've founded CEO Entrepreneur.
That's why I'm inspiring business minds.​

Proud to be inspiring business minds.

Here’s what some of them say:

"Tamer challenged me, so I could grow my business to the next level—now I'm further than I've ever been."

Myriam Hadnes
Workshops Work

"Kind and hugely generous, greatly capable, with just enough humility and humour. I recommend Tamer in a heartbeat."

Wendy Alison
Business Director for Intelligent Transport
Satellite Applications Catapult

"One of the best mentors I've ever been coached by—always a role model in sciencepreneurship, innovation, and diligence."

Ahmed Nagy
Co-Founder & Chief Business Dev. Officer
Gnomon 3D

"A brilliant, passionate and authentic visionary, Tamer is a meticulous leader with keen insights that help others achieve their business goals."

Sue Montgomery RN, BSN, MA
Digital Entrepreneur
Organize the Essentials LLC

"Experienced globally, Tamer keeps me thinking and keeps me honest about my business".

Mireille Beumer
Entrepreneur and Facilitator
Access a new way of learning business designed for the future.

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